Smart Fleet app turns driver's smartphone into powerful telematics device, improves fleet performance and reduces operation cost

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telematics cost


Less car


Fuel Consumption


improved performance


No telematics
device required

it is a purely smartphone-based telematics solution. Install Smart Fleet Tracking to your smartphone from Google Play or Appstore. That's all.

in background

This app doesn't require any driver's interaction with the app. Give permissions and the app stars working in background.

driving detection

Every time when you star driving the app recognise that and starts recording your trip automatically until you end your trip.

Low Battery &
data consumption

The app consumes less than 6% of battery and roughly 70mb mobile data per month that make this app as one of the most efficient solution.

use it with 3rd-party platforms

Continue using a fleet management platform that you get used to having by pointing telematics data directly from the app to your platform.

Realtime location & Driving behaviour

Using smartphone sensors we collect accurate telematics data and provide drivers and companies with location and driving-style data.


By creating a company account you get a separate environment that belongs to your company and manages along with your rules.


DataHub, Daily reporting and BI provide access to pre-existing reports as well as analytical environment for advanced users.

70% Cheaper
than use Hardware Telematics

37% less
road accidents

Our globally recognised risk scoring model was initially designed for insurance companies where it had proofed its efficiency.

Then we tuned it for urban transportation and logistic companies in accordance with a specific of their business. The risk model contains the following factors.

25% Less
Fuel consumption

Driving behaviour and mode of car usage have a significant impact on fuel consumption, tyres, brakes, other spare parts and overall depreciation cost.

We carefully analyse all patterns and their impact on total cost of ownership. For some people it becomes even stronger incentive to change behaviour rather than rewarding and feedback.

95% changed driving behaviour

In accordance with researches, which were conducted across all of our customers, over 95% of drivers improved their driving behaviour and performance within the first 30 days

We have joint R&D programs with universities across the world. Together we develop feedback engine which tailors feedback and statistics based on driving patterns of each driver.


Personal plan

All features for individuals
$ 0 Monthly
  • Trips log
  • Automatic tracking
  • Unlimited number of trips
  • Driving style analysis
  • Unlimited number of vehicles
  • Driver&Vehicle profiles
  • Leaderboard
  • Personal/ Business trips
  • Lifetime app maintenance
  • Eco-driving
  • Calculated fuel economy
  • Read vehicle data (extension)
  • Vehicle identification (via tag)

Corporate plan

All features to manage fleet
$ 4 Monthly per Driver
  • All Personal plan features
  • Admin Console
  • Detailed trip analysis
  • Company dashboard
  • Web API
  • Advanced reporting
  • Driver's profile
  • Drivers management
  • Settings Manipulation report
  • Realtime location
  • 3rd party Fleet platforms
  • Custom tags (Order, etc)
  • On-Duty schedule

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